Hadley Vlahos

Hadley Vlahos resides outside of New Orleans. With eight years of experience as a registered nurse, including six years devoted to hospice care, she has gained profound insights into the field of healthcare. Online, she is affectionately known as "Nurse Hadley," to her over three million followers. She shares heartfelt stories from her experiences as a hospice nurse.

Beyond her nursing career, Hadley has achieved literary success as the author of the instant New York Times bestseller, "The In-Between: Unforgettable Encounters During Life's Final Moments" published by Ballantine/Penguin Random House. In this heartwarming memoir, she skillfully weaves together moving stories, life lessons, and profound wisdom gleaned from her patients. The book beautifully reflects how end-of-life care not only imparts lessons on mortality but also enlightens us on how to truly live.

Driven by her passion to make a difference, Hadley is currently working on establishing a nonprofit respite hospice house. The goal of this venture is to provide a comforting haven for families to come together and celebrate the life of their loved ones in a peaceful and supportive environment.

Hadley seamlessly infuses storytelling into all her endeavors, leaving readers thoroughly entertained and blissfully unaware of how much knowledge they are absorbing along the way.